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Huwebes, Oktubre 13, 2011

MSU grad ranks 2nd in AgEng board exam

Engr. Michelle Serviñas, a batch 2011 Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering clinched the 2nd spot in the August 2011 board exam for Agricultural Engineers (AE).
To date, the University has already produced three second placers in the AE exam. The other two are Engr. Edward Lapong (1998) and Guillermo Pantuhan (2007). Both are faculty members of the College.
MSU GSC’s passing rate is 61.36% with 27 successful examinees while the national passing rate is 47.8%.
In the Agriculturist exam held last July 2011, 41 takers made it to post a 68% passing rate. The national passing rate is 37%.


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